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How to Make a Custom Dress Form
by Don McCunn

Volume 1 – The Torso Form

These screen shots show the videos included in this e-Book.

Lower Torso Pattern The Upper Torso Pattern The Neck PAttern
Lower Torso Pattern Upper Torso Pattern Neck Pattern
The Hip Cross Section The Waist Cross Section Cross Section Posture
The Waist Cross Section The Hip Cross Section Measure for Posture
Cross Section Patterns Transfering the Lower Torso Pattern Taping the Lower Torso
Cross Section Posture Prepare the Lower Torso Tape the Lower Torso
Tansferring the Upper Torso Pattern Taping the Upper Torso Preparing the Waist Cross Section
Prepare the Upper Torso Tape the Upper Torso Prepare the Waist
Taping the Waist Cross Section Creating the Bra Form Completing the Torso Form
Tape the Waist Create a Bra Form Complete the Torso Form

Copyright © 2015 by Donald H. McCunn