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How to Make Custom-Fit Slopers
by Don McCunn

Volume 3 – Drafting the Pants Sloper

Cover for How to Make Custom-Fit Slopers: Volume 3 - Drafting the Pants Sloper
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  • Measurements
  • Drafting the Pattern
  • Sewing the Fitting Shell

The Pants Sloper combines the shape of the lower torso with the shape of the legs. It can be used for men or women. This volume shows how to draft the pattern and optionally transfer the fit of the Skirt (aka Lower Torso) Sloper from Volume 1 & Volume 2 to the top of the Pants Sloper.

The instructions for the initial Pants Sloper is for a slacks cut. In other words, it is designed to fit so the pants legs will hang straight down. The reason is that with straight hanging, loose-cut legs, the accuracy of the torso and Crotch Curve can be verified. A description of how the Sloper can be modified for closer fit legs is described in Volume 4 – Fitting the Pants Sloper.


The YouTube videos below were prepared for my online patternmaking classes. They are now available in this Interactive e-Book and represent the other videos you will find in Volume 3.

An Introduction to the Pants Sloper

A Drafting Demonstration

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