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How to Make Custom-Fit Slopers
by Don McCunn

Volume 7 – The Sleeve Sloper

Cover for How to Make Custom-Fit Slopers: Volume 7 - The Sleeve Sloper
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  • Measurements
  • The Pattern
  • Fitting the Sleeve

The sleeve is a simple pattern that will require little if any fitting. There are two versions of the basic sleeve. In the first, the fundamental shape of a sleeve is drafted. The second version includes a dart at the elbow for closely fitted sleeves.

The same instructions can be used for either women or men. To follow the instructions, you will need a Bodice Sloper (aka Upper Torso Sloper) that fits well.


The YouTube video below was prepared for my online patternmaking classes. It is now available in this Interactive e-Book and represents the other videos you will find in Volume 7.

An Introduction to the Sleeve Sloper

To see all the videos available in this e-Book, click the link below.
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