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How to Make Sewing Patterns, 2nd Edition
by Don McCunn

Companion e-Books

Many people like to learn through demonstrations. My Interactive e-Books contain just such video demonstrations to accompany written instructions. These videos compress time so that a process that might take half an hour to view in the classroom can be seen in five minutes in the video.

Many of the sequences are closeups so that you see the process as if you were doing it yourself. And because these e-Books reside on your computer, you can watch them whenever, wherever, and as often as you want. The e-Books also include forms that can be filled out and saved.

The videos in the e-Books mean that the file size is large. They are subsequently divided into volumes that cover specific topics. They are designed to work with computers using Adobe Reader XI, DC or later. They will not work with tablets or smart phones.

The Interactive e-Book series How to Make Custom-Fit Slopers, is designed to be a visual learning companion for pages 27 through 82 of How to Make Sewing Patterns, 2nd Edition. They include over 80 video demonstrations broken down into specifc topics for how to draft and fit the Skirt, Pants, Bodice, and Sleeve Slopers. The videos are accompanied with the written instructions from the book that can be printed out and taken to the work space.

Other Interactive e-Books

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