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Pattern Design Guides
by Don McCunn

About Don McCunn

 Don McCunn

Pattern Design Guides are my idea for how to supplement the information in my books How to Make Sewing Patterns and How to Make Custom-Fit Bras and Lingerie.

There are so many design variations that can be achieved when patterns are custom fit to the individual. But how do you make the transition from design idea to patterns that will actually fit? It's an idea that I have given considerable thought to over the years.

To explore design variations I started developing pattern ideas for fashion dolls in 2005. The popularity of my Sloper Patterns for the dolls made me realize that people are interested in creating their own designs. So in 2006 I started to explore how to connect with the sewing community via the internet.

I started following discussions on Yahoo Groups. When it turned out I had written a book on pattern making one of the questions to come up was "How would you create a pattern for a bra?" The question of creating a bra pattern intrigued me as that was the first pattern I worked on for my little vinyl fashion dolls. I figured if I could develop a bra for a 16" girl, I could create any pattern for them that I wanted to do.

So I started the Yahoo Group Custom Bras. I kept it a small private group because I wasn't sure what the results would be. I started applying some of the ideas I had developed for making patterns for dolls to patterns for people. It was very theoretical. When people in the group started trying out these ideas I heard the cry "But we are not vinyl!"

So things went into limbo until I met Leah in San Francisco who agreed to be my model for developing and testing pattern ideas. I approached her with my ideas for creating bras. The result is the e-Book How to Make Custom-Fit Bras. My research and development has continued which has resulted in additional e-Books and a second paperback book: How to Make Custom-Fit Bras and Lingerie.

I will be keeping in touch with people who are interested in my Pattern Design Guides through a forum I have started Patternmaking with Don McCunn.

Copyright © 2007 by Donald H. McCunn